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Distance From Manali City :- 40 km
Height From Sea Level :- NA

The Valley of the Gods

Enclosed by the last snow range of the Himalayas, the Dhaula Dhar, and Pir Panjal, running parallel to the south of it, is a valley that leaves the spectator awe-struck as the breath-taking grandeur of its mountains, its torrents and its vast expanses of snow in its upper regions. Fascinating, clam, placid and gorgeous, this is the Valley of the Gods, who in turn can be benign, angry and capricious.

The name of the ancient land of Kullu can be traced to the hoary past and there are several references of it in the Ramayana, the Mahabharat, and Vishnu Purana etc. The original name of Kullu was Kuluta. It occurs in Sanskrit literature, including various Puranas. Kullu is a colourful region, every part of which has charm of its own. In the spring Kullu is at its most colourful shape.

Kullu town has made its name on the international tourist map for its famous Dussehra festival. Town is a seat of the chief deity of the valley i.e. Raghunathjee. During Dussehra the visiting deities from all over the district first pay their obeisance by visiting abode of Raghunathjee at Sultanpur. The town of Kullu can accommodate large number of visitors with all facilities of boarding and lodging required by them. The Raghunath Ji Temple is the temple of the principal god of the famous Dusherra festival. The shrine houses an image of Shri Raghunath (brought here from Ayodhya in 1657), in his chariot.

Kullu district offers many attractions to the tourists. It has rich art and cultural heritage, lush green deep meadows, dazzling rivers, white capped snowy peaks and high mountains. The district has incomparable Beas and its sub-valleys which are full of natural charm and grandeur. Though, Kullu does not have the rich historical archaeological or epigraphically antiquities like Chamba but still has some ancient remains antiquities like Nirmand in outer-Seraj and Hat at Barjaura. Not only the district is famous for its scenic beauty but also as a paradise for the trekkers and mountaineers.

It is extremely colorful head gear, made of a woolen cloth with a velvety circular band of Shaneel around it. The Kullu caps are one of the favorite handicrafts that tourists love to take for themselves and gift purpose.

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