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Bijli Mahadev

maha dev temple in kullu
Distance From Manali City :- #
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A beautiful meadow with an ancient Shiva temple, famous for its stone Shiva-Linga which shatters each time lightning strikes it, only to be resurrected by the pujari. The prospect from Bijli Mahadev is enthralling with a panoramic view of the Kullu and Manikaran Valleys. The doorframes of Bijli Mahadev Temple have delicate and superb carvings. Two Nandis or bulls face the temple door.

Temple Of Lightening
10km from kullu across the Beas river, Bijli Mahadev temple (2460 m) is one of the striking temples in the temples strewn district. It can be reached by a tough but reawrding climb of 10 kms trek. from the temple a panoramic view of kullu & Paravati valleys can be seen. A 60 feet high staff of Bijli Mahadev temple glistens like silver needle in the sun, in this temple of lightening it is said, the tall staff sttracts the divine blessings in the form of lightening. The rest of the story can heard from the priest, which is un-believable but that true.

Historically Importance of Biljli Mahadev
The Place is full of mystrey and miracles. At 21 mtr tall pole is installed which has got some interesting story. The Pole is made of Deodar tree in a nearby forest area. Once in a while during special occasions the pole will be replaced by another one made from the tallest Deodar tree found in the forest. The local villagers and people from surrounding places come together to replace the pole and is a festival celebration for all of them. The tree is carved in the square shape and fixed firm in the place. People feel that this is an opportunity for getting blessing from Lord Shiva and consider this activity as serving God.

It is a favorite spot for visitors and the local populace alike. You could also visit the Plalani Fall which lies six kilometers to the north of Bijli Mahadev and is a popular picnic spot. If you visit the falls in March, take a stop at the Fair which is held here annually during this month. Thousands of travelers garther at this place every year, for a fair held in the month of ‘Shravan’.

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